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Draft Scout Ball State Player Rankings
2023-2026 Draft Classes

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Last Updated/Cross Checked:  Ball State Roster: 04/22/22-EOS/Roster Check/Senior Prospects XCheck/Transfers, Depth Chart: 11/02/21-2 Deep-Week 9
 Player Name  Position  Class  Draft Year  Hometown, State  High School/Last School
 Woodard, Tavion    DE  rJr   2024  West Lafayette, IN  West Lafayette
 Amos, Jaquan    FS  rSr   2023  Philadelphia, PA  Northeast
 Stewart, Corey    OT  rSo   2025  Nashville, TN  East Nashville
 Kaylor, Damon    OT  rJr   2024  Huntington, IN  Huntington North
 Coll, Clayton    ILB  rJr   2024  Franklin, IN  Franklin Community
 Uzodinma II, Amechi    CB  rSr   2023  Orlando, FL  University
 Steele, Carson    RB  So   2025  Greenwood, IN  Center Grove
 Jones, Nic    CB  rJr   2024  Detroit, MI  Southfield A&T
 Jackson, Jayshon    WR  rSr   2023  Chicago, IL  Simeon
 Tyler, YoHeinz    WR  rSr   2023  New Orleans, LA  Warren Easton
 Jones, Will    RB  rSr   2023  Anderson, IN  Lapel
 Lee, Malcolm    FS  rSr   2023  Mobile, AL  Baker
 Paddock, John    QB  rSr   2023  Bloomfield Hills, MI  Bloomfield Hills
 Boso, Jimmie    FB  rSr   2023  Indianapolis, IN  Bishop Chatard
 Sape, Jack    DT  rSr   2023  Bloomfield Hills, MI  Bloomfield Hills
 Jillani, Emeka    DT  rSr   2023  London, England  Lutheran IN
 Potts, Tyler    CB  rSr   2023  Columbus, OH  Pickerington North
 Dunnuck, Isaiah    TE  rSr   2023  Fishers, IN  Fishers
 Egenolf, Ben    SS  rJr   2024  Avon, IN  Cardinal Ritter
 Harris, John    DE  rJr   2024  Greenwood, IN  Roncalli
 Haught, Porter    OG  rJr   2024  Fort Wayne, IN  Homestead
 Smith, Latrelle    CB  rJr   2024  Hampton, VA  Phoebus
 Boggs, Joseph    OG  rSr   2023  Reynoldsburg, OH  Reynoldsburg
 Bishop, Chayce    CB  rSo   2025  Franklin, TN  Independence
 Borrow, Lucas    P  rSo   2025  Newcastle, NSW, Australia  Cardiff/ProKick Australia
 Campbell, Justin    WR  rSo   2025  Suwanee, GA  Johns Creek
 Crowe, Ethan    C  rSo   2025  Greenwood, IN  Center Grove
 Evans, Brayden    SS  rSo   2025  Camby, IN  Mooresville
 Hill, Austin    WR  rSo   2025  Muncie, IN  Yorktown
 King, Kyle    DT  rSo   2025  Greenfield, IN  New Palestine
 Lezon, Ryan    FB  rSo   2025  Indianapolis, IN  Southport
 Lorincz, Tommy    OG  rSo   2025  Avon, OH  Avon
 Magwood, Qian    WR  rSo   2025  Hilltop, OH  Walnut Ridge
 McBride, Julian    DT  rSo   2025  Cape Girardeau, MO  Chaminade College Prep
 Meeder, Kevin    OG  rSo   2025  Portersville, PA  Seneca Valley
 Newson, Keionte    OLB  Jr   2024  Murfreesboro, TN  Blackman
 Pedraza, Nate    OLB  rSo   2025  Rolling Meadows, IL  Rolling Meadows
 Porter, Aaron    OG  rSo   2025  Independence, MO  Truman
 Reichert, Nathan    DE  rSo   2025  Lewistown, OH  Indian Lake
 Cobb, Kaden    QB  Fr   2026  Naperville, IL  Fenwick
 Frazier, Dakari    DT  Fr   2026  Pickerington, OH  Pickerington Central
 Pickett, Cameron    WR  Fr   2026  Chicago, IL  Brooks College Prep
 Tyo, Taran    OG  Fr   2026  Versailles, OH  Versailles
 Coleman, Jordan    ATH  Fr   2026  Saint Louis, MO  DeSmet
 Johnson, Caden    ILB  Fr   2026  Lexington, KY  Frederick Douglass
 Hood, Christopher    OT  Fr   2026  Kendallville, IN  East Noble
 Sullivan, Max    TE  Fr   2026  Whiteland, IN  Whiteland Community Sch
 Carroll, Ashton    OLB  Fr   2026  Roanoke, VA  Hidden Valley
 Royster, Danny    OLB  Fr   2026  Indianapolis, IN  Lawrence North
 Graber, Dylan    DT  Fr   2026  Powell, OH  Olentangy Liberty
 Webster, Maximus    QB  Fr   2026  Westfield, IN  Westfield
 Odrick, Karl    DT  Fr   2026  New Orleans, LA  Edna Karr
 Buras, Sam    OT  Fr   2026  Greenwood, IN  Center Grove
 Schonhorst, Blair    CB  Fr   2026  Saint Louis, MO  Christian Brothers College
 Echoles, DeJuan    OLB  Fr   2026  Indianapolis, IN  Warren Central
 Seiler, Dylan    LS  rSo   2025  Delaware, OH  Rutherford B. Hayes
 Tarango, Joshua    DT  rJr   2024  Anaheim Hills, CA  Canyon
 Blanco, Jack    FS  rSr   2023  San Diego, CA  San Diego Mesa College
 Kelly, Kiael    QB  rFr   2026  Tampa, FL  Gaither
 Barfield, Rico    RB  rFr   2026  Saint Louis, MO  DeSmet
 Charlton-Perrin, Drayton    TE  So   2025  Northbrook, IL  Glenbrook North
 Lee, RaeQuin    RB  rFr   2026  Southfield, MI  Southfield
 Wiegold, Jackson    ILB  So   2025  Vernon Hills, IL  Vernon Hills
 Baldwin, Thailand    CB  So   2025  Hampton, VA  Life Christian Academy
 Hughes, Drew    DE  So   2025  Willow Springs, IL  Nazareth Academy
 Morris, Justin    OLB  So   2025  Vernon Hills, IL  Vernon Hills
 Johnson, Jalen    OG  So   2025  River Rouge, MI  River Rouge
 Stemler, Joey    ILB  So   2025  Cleves, OH  Elder
 Riley-Scott, Jordan    CB  So   2025  Clinton, MD  National Christian Academy
 Pemberton, Vaughn    RB  So   2025  Lake Forest, IL  Loyola Academy
 Kendrick, Kendal    DT  rSr   2023  Indianapolis, IN  Franklin Central
 McCulley, Derin    CB  rJr   2024  Indianapolis, IN  Lawrence North
 Mims, Kyron    DT  rJr   2024  Baton Rouge, LA  Woodlawn
 Murray, Caleb    OT  rSr   2023  Prospect, KY  Trinity
 Nondorf, Mark    QB  rJr   2024  Indianapolis, IN  Bishop Chatard
 Pearce, Cole    ILB  rSr   2023  Mason, OH  William Mason
 Ramsey, Justen    DT  rJr   2024  Merrillville, IN  Merrillville
 Schmidt, Seth    OG  rJr   2024  Wilmington, OH  Clinton-Massie
 Schott, Tony    OLB  rSr   2023  Indianapolis, IN  Roncalli
 Schott, Eddie    QB  rJr   2024  Indianapolis, IN  Southport
 Thomas, Jerwuan    CB  rJr   2024  Huntsville, AL  Grissom
 Turner, Jaylen    OG  rSr   2023  Indianapolis, IN  Arsenal Tech

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**PLEASE NOTE: Players Ranked DS (Draft Scout) #999 or #9999 are currently Unranked for various reasons. They are outside the Top 1000 or numbered position rankings ...have not been ranked yet,
possibly injured, suspended or are in process of transferring, etc.

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   Draft Scout built and maintains this College player information in FOUR YEAR Draft cycles. We don't purchase this information from any sources, we build the backend ALL from scratch ourselves. It's unique in design to track & rank College players for Professional Careers ... from Recruiting & Advanced Scouting through compiling and swaping/trading this very evolving data you see with Team & League sources for the current Draft season. It's a combination of what we know and think with who we know and what they think, all opinions.

Team Rosters are Rebuilt after each Draft heading into the new College Season, then updated & checked along with Key depth chart building in the first few months of each College football season, aimed at the start of Draft season, Jan 18th of each New Year. It's a Three, 4 Month evolving Process. Sept-Jan, CFB Season...Jan-May, Draft Season...May-Aug, Reload for Next Season.

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