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2023 Pro Timing Day Riser: WR
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Last Updated: 04/25/24 Pro Timing Results-Almost 3,000 Seniors tested for the Pros this Draft, the most since the first Covid Draft in 2022...Only 700-750 will make it through an NFL team facility door-Drafted/Signed/Tryout-Signed, that's under 30%...I will track all rookie mini-camp tryouts, CFL Draft and signing's and UFL and the total number of players who actually get a first in chance is around 30%, that's it! I didn't get through every single player this year and promise to be better next year which by the way, next year's Draft class is the last Covid Draft and NFL scouts expect more total number of players since 2022, approximately 3,500. Again, with only 750 getting a shot in the NFL.  Pro Timing Results: Schedule

 Name  College Date AS Game Workout Notes
 Tyler Adams  Butler  03-09-23@Harvard    40 Time Range: 4.43-4.46/Projected: NA
 Sy Barnett  Davenport  03-16-23@SaginawValleySt    40 Time Range: 4.38-4.39/Projected 4.44
 Cody Chrest  Sam Houston  03/27/23    -7 LBs/40 Time Range: 4.38 Twice in 23/4.52-4.53 in 22
 Stacy Chukwumezie  Northern Arizona  03/28/23    40 Time Range: 4.46-4.47/Projected 4.53
 Elijah Cooks  San Jose State  03/22/23  Hula  +8 LBs/40 Time Range: 4.49-4.52/Projected 4.56
 Chase Cota  Oregon  03/14/23    40 Time Range: 4.50-4.52/Projected 4.56
 Shaquan Davis  South Carolina State  03-13-23@SouthCarolina  EastWest  40 Time Range: 4.51 Twice/**Projected 4.62/-.11/No Bench-Shoulder
 Colton Dowell  Tennessee-Martin  03/30/23@Tennessee  CGS  40 Time Range: 4.42-4.46/**Projected 4.58/-.14/Both-Bests
 David Durden  West Florida  03/20/23    40 Time Range: 4.45-4.47/Projected 4.40/No Bench-Wrist
 Xavier Gipson  Stephen F. Austin  03/21/23  NFLPA  40 Time Range: 4.40-4.44/Projected 4.50
 Charles Hall  Arizona State  03/27/23    40 Time Range: 4.33 Twice/**Projected 4.59/-.26
 Shedrick Jackson  Auburn  03/21/23  Tropical  -9 LBs/40 Time Range: 4.27-4.34/**Projected 4.53/-.22
 MJ Link  Texas-Permian Basin  03/21/23@UTEP  CGS  40 Time Range: 4.44-4.55/Projected 4.50/Both-Bests
 Garett Maag  North Dakota  03/29/23    40 Time Range: 4.49-4.51/**Projected 4.67/-.17/Both-Bests
 Xavier Malone  Henderson State  03/30/23@OuachitaBaptist    5-07/Not 5-09/-8 LBs...40 Time Range: 4.35-4.37/Projected: NA
 Justin Marshall  Buffalo  03/16/23  CGS  40 Time Range: 4.48 Twice/**Projected 4.60/-.12
 Thyrick Pitts  Delaware  03/22/23    40 Time Range: 4.44-4.46/**Projected 4.57/-.12
 Davius Prather  Bethel (TN)  03/27/23@UTMartin    -13 LBs/40 Time Range: 4.51-4.53/Projected: NA/Both-Bests
 Zavier Scott  Maine  03/21/23    40 Time Range: 4.49-4.50/**Projected 4.68/-.18/No 10-20s
 J.T. Smith  Texas AM-Commerce  03/24/23    +8 LBs/40 Time Range: 4.38-4.40/Projected: NA/No 20s/No Bench-Choice
 Kris Thornton  James Madison  03/21/23    40 Time Range: 4.41-4.46/Projected 4.50

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