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From Prep to Pro!, EST 2001
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Welcome to Draft Scout!

  Thanks for visiting the current, in progress, redesign of NFL Draft Scout! Please pardon the mess as the old website is converted to the new server and format code to display all the information. The goal is the 2019 College Football Season opening weekend and to update/build out this NFL Draft's Player Data & Ratings as well. It's been a while since I have been out on my own, and have been much hidden behind the scenes, for 18 years to be exact. I am hoping to make this all work how the old hidden members website did, with some new technology mixed in and designed features that was never made public.

Hopefully this, all or most of it, can stay open to you as I'm in negotiations with a few leading Media Markets for College Football Information and currently not sure on any of the Exclusivity rights. For now though, hopefully you find what you are looking for. If not, we are working on it! :)

Thanks again ... for the Past, Present & Future Support!

Brian Keith Hitterman
Creator, NFL Draft Scout


2019 NFL Draft: Annual Rang's Gang a bounty of middle and late round steals

  In scouting hundreds of players in preparation for the NFL Draft, it is impossible not to develop some favorites. Rang's Gang is the collective answer to the question I'm often asked: "If you were running a team and you needed a (insert position), who would you take?" There's only one rule -- no consensus first-round prospects. Anyone can compile a list of the top players per position and call them favorites. Let's dig deeper...[READ MORE]

04/19/19 Update: Currently Working On...

Recoding a lot of the old hidden NFLDraftScout.com Member folder pages. If you never knew, there was one. It was used by numerous people in this business, from GM's and Scouting Directors to Area Scouts, Team Media, NFL Agents, etc. We kind of called it our R&D Staging Zone. Research & Development, the Mothership. It was where we did all the data work, Ratings compile, Profile editing and storage, etc. All online in Real Time, kind of like now but on a way better, stronger server platform. Basically, everything before exporting to Client sales.

There was a LOT of areas started and never finished, planned yet never saw completion due to our move to CBS Sports back in 2006. As you can see now, the Combine Results Section is back online and working fine. It's just the basics for now but can and probably will be explanded out a ton. It even has the old top header row sorts (Columns in Yellow, applied to all sheet view pages) like many of you were requesting.

More in Progress, including a Pro Day Results section just like the Combine one (by Position, School, Leaderboards, Historic Views & more), Yea right? Like who got and can support that?

That is one Section that was hidden away I'm excited to bring out in design, a totally revamped Pro Day Leaderboard. Others include Prospects by Region of the United States for Area Scouts. Agents can use that as a tool as well I guess ... State, High School, Round Projection, all Cross linked. Better college groupings, roster, depth charts, all that important data sorting with all prospects linked from past Draft classes.

Also, a dream of mine, would have to be Exclusive since like most everybody went back to 1999 after we did first. I know this because there were some errors in the 1999 data that was never crosschecked right. But ... the Full Combine Results and Draft ratings, build like what we have now, only ALL backwards from 1990 thru 1999. Not kidding. Talk about a MAJOR project! But to me, it needs to be done and will be well worth it (I'm NOT playing Dave T Thomas, I'm gonna pull it off! :). That might bring you out of retirement!

Thanks again! For all the support!

Basics Tested & Working

The main sections of Draft Scout, Player Ratings & Profile Pages are working for views but are going to be redesigned some and added to in the future as well. Some friends have come to aid in the process that have a history with Draft Scout, so hopefully it wont take long.


 Draft Scout Future

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80% Innovated
45% Hidden
35% Built