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Last Updated/Cross Checked:  Central Oklahoma Roster: 11/17/2021-EOS/All-Conference/Senior Prospect X-Checks
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**PLEASE NOTE: Most "Risers/Fallers" happen from August through May of each year. During the Season, after the NFL Combine, All-Star Games and Pro-Timing Days. Most in bulk occur at the END of each college season and after Pro-Timing days. The higher upgrade a player gets on his scouting grades at various points of the process, by multiple opinions, determines how high-upon averaging the results. They are done by school or by position at various times, often daily.

Click or Double Click On Header Rows to Auto Sort each Row, Links for various views. Click player name for profile in separate window. Click College to view Players by College. Players Ranked DS (Draft Scout) #999 or #9999 are currently Unranked for various reasons. They are outside the Top 350/750 or numbered position rankings ...have not been ranked yet, possibly injured, suspended or are in process of transferring, etc.

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