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  Draft Scout by Conference

Draft Scout Air Force Player Rankings
2023-2026 Draft Classes

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Last Updated/Cross Checked:  Air Force Roster: 12/17/22-Roster Check/Senior Prospects XCheck/EOS Awards, Depth Chart: 10/06/22-Starters-Week 6
 Player Name  Position  Class/Draft Year  Recruiting  SB Watch  EW Watch  Hometown, State  High School/Last School
 Patterson, Kyle    TE  Sr/2023

0*  (108)
 Yes  Yes  Gilbert, AZ  Perry
 Sanford, Vince    OLB  rSr/2023

0*  (00)
     Hamilton, OH  Hamilton
 Paglialong, Thor    C  Sr/2024

2*  (446)
     Woodstock, IL  Marian Central Catholic
 Cochran, Isaac    OG  Sr/2023

0*  (00)
     Concord, NC  Concord
 Holcomb, Kaleb    OG  Sr/2024

0*  (163)
     Dublin, OH  Coffman
 Jones, Jensen    QB  Sr/2024

0*  (00)
     Naples, FL  St. John Neumann Catholic
 Brittain, Ben    QB  Sr/2024

2*  (00)
     Hewitt, TX  Reicher Catholic
 Eldridge III, John Lee    RB  Sr/2024

2*  (323)
     Youngstown, OH  Lees Summit North
 Jefferson, Ben    WR  Sr/2023

2*  (223)
     Cypress, CA  Pacifica
 Herrera, Christopher    DE  Sr/2023

0*  (620)
     League City, TX  Clear Creek
 Blackmon, TD    ILB  Sr/2023

3*  (00)
     Maryville, TN  Maryville
 Goodwin, Jayden    SS  Sr/2024

3*  (431)
     Houston, TX  Cypress Falls
 Castonguay, Eian    CB  Sr/2024

0*  (00)
     Garden City, MI  Garden City
 Taylor, Trey    FS  Sr/2024

3*  (484)
     Frisco, TX  Frisco Lone Star
 Smalley, Everett    OG  rSr/2024

0*  (00)
     Tampa, FL  Plant
 Cormier, David    WR  Sr/2023

2*  (246)
 Yes    Albuquerque, NM  Volcano
 Dapore, Matthew    K  Jr/2025

0*  (72)
     Springboro, OH  Springboro
 Bentley, Brendan    LS  Sr/2023

0*  (00)
     Las Vegas, NV  Sierra Vista
 Daniels, Haaziq    QB  rSr/2024

0*  (294)
     Franklin, NJ  Saint John Vianney
 Mock, Alec    ILB  Sr/2024

0*  (327)
     Weddington, NC  Weddington
 Ndago, Wesley    OG  Sr/2024

3*  (228)
     Waco, TX  Midway
 Hughes, DeAndre    WR  Sr/2023

0*  (00)
     Phoenix, AZ  Tempe
 Goff, Camby    SS  Sr/2024

0*  (00)
     Reynoldsburg, OH  Reynoldsburg
 Roberts, Brad    RB  Sr/2023

2*  (208)
   Yes  Arvada, CO  Ralston Valley
 Karas, Adam    OG  Sr/2024

3*  (267)
     Arvada, CO  Pomona
 Thiergood, Jayden    DE  Sr/2024

3*  (413)
     Chicago, IL  Marian Central Catholic
 Pescaia, Kalawaia    DT  Sr/2023

0*  (00)
     Kailua, HI  Kamehameha
 Youngblood, Johnathan    ILB  Sr/2024

0*  (486)
     Atlanta, GA  E.L. Christian Academy
 Mack II, Michael    CB  Sr/2024

0*  (00)
     Glenn Dale, MD  Bullis School

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**PLEASE NOTE: Players Ranked DS (Draft Scout) #999 or #9999 are currently Unranked for various reasons. They are outside the Top 350/750 or numbered position rankings ...have not been ranked yet, possibly injured, suspended or are in process of transferring, etc.

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