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Draft Scout Northern Arizona Player Rankings
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Last Updated/Cross Checked:  Northern Arizona Roster: 01/21/21-Extra Years, Depth Chart:
DS Rank
 Player Name  Jersey#  Position  Class  Draft Year  Projected  Height  Weight  40 Time Range  Hometown, State  High School/Last School
 Aguilar, Luis   (DS#14 K)  41  K  rSr   2022    6-0  190  4.86 - 5.08  Nogales, AZ  Nogales
 Arnson, DJ   (DS#26 P)  19  P  rSr   2022    6-0  185  4.82 - 5.00  Chandler, AZ  Basha
 Rudolph, Luke   (DS#999 OG)  52  OG  rSr   2022    6-3  295  5.22 - 5.43  Scottsdale, AZ  Horizon
 Chukwumezie, Stacy   (DS#999 WR)  8  WR  rSr   2022    6-0  180  4.43 - 4.62  Downey, CA  Cerritos College
 Hathoot, Justin   (DS#999 LS)  64  LS  rSr   2022    6-1  195  4.90 - 5.08  Albuqerque, NM  La Queva
 Johnson, Hendrix   (DS#999 WR)  10  WR  Jr   2023    6-0  185   -  Anthem, AZ  Boulder Creek
 Taylor, Carson   (DS#999 DE)  1  DE  rSr   2022    6-3  236  4.87 - 5.08  Glendale, AZ  Apollo
 Outlaw, Donovan   (DS#999 OG)  63  OG  rSr   2022    6-4  290  5.30 - 5.50  Henderson, NV  Coronado
 Millen, Cale   (DS#999 QB)  17  QB  rSo   2024    6-3  203  4.78 - 4.97  Snoqualmie, WA  Mount Si
 Porter, Brandon   (DS#999 WR)  18  WR  rSr   2022    5-09  165  4.40 - 4.58  Victorville, CA  Oak Hills

**PLEASE NOTE: Players Ranked DS (Draft Scout) #999 or #9999 are currently Unranked for various reasons. They are outside the Top 1000 or numbered position rankings ...have not been ranked yet,
possibly injured, suspended or are in process of transferring, etc.

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Team Rosters are Rebuilt after each Draft heading into the new College Season, then updated & checked along with Key depth chart building in the first few months of each College football season, aimed at the start of Draft season, Jan 18th of each New Year. It's a Three, 4 Month evolving Process. Sept-Jan, CFB Season...Jan-May, Draft Season...May-Aug, Reload for Next Season.

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