1997 Draft Prospects:

A Position By Position Look At This Year's Draft Candidates




Defensive Tackles

Offensive Tackles

Defensive Ends

Tight Ends

Inside/Middle Linebackers

Wide Receivers

Outside Linebackers







How to Read Charts

Legend for chart information: 40 = Time (in seconds) running 40 yards. REPS = Number of repetitions during one set bench pressing 225 pounds. VJ = Vertical Jump (in inches), based on difference between how high athlete reaches standing flat-footed and how high he jumps straight up with no running start. LEFT, RIGHT (for quarterbacks only) = Measured while throwing a 25-yard pass from the middle of the field to the left or right sideline. Each set of numbers represents speed (in miles per hour) of ball at its fastest point and then at the point of catch, thereby measuring how much ball speed is maintained. ROUND = Projected round in which player will be drafted (players are listed in projected order within rounds). FA = Projected as player who may not be drafted and will become rookie free agent. NA = Mark is not available.

Note: Most marks are from scouting combine workout at Indianapolis, February 6-10, 1997. Some marks are from other workouts either before or since.


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