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NFL Draft Fans

I would like to thank everybody who shared our insights and analyses on the 1997 draft. This has been an exciting adventure into the interactive online world.

It has been an invigorating experience sharing perspectives directly with so many fans. I read your Emails with interest and responded to as many as possible.

The annual college player draft offers the vital infusion of talent that is critical in defining the future of each team, and the league itself. This year was another exciting example of that process. Now we will watch to see how well these draftees adapt to pro football.

Pro Sports Xchange will continue to give you the best in-depth coverage of the National Football League as it heads into and through the 1997 season. I have enjoyed this experience so thoroughly that we already are planning more projects, possibly opening the way for a year 'round adventure online. So stay tuned to Pro Sports Xchange and soon we may be utilizing this phenomenal medium to visit online on a regular basis.



Pro Sports Xchange is now bringing you the second update, or third edition, of the 1997 Bill Walsh NFL Draft Insider -- a final analysis.

Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh's wizardry in the draft helped build a San Francisco 49ers dynasty that won five Super Bowl Championships.

During his 10 years as head coach, the 49ers won three Super Bowls and drafted 18 players who went on to be selected for the Pro Bowl, including two future Hall of Famers -- quarterback Joe Montana and wide receiver Jerry Rice.

In this 1997 NFL Draft Insider, Bill Walsh shares his rare insight into how to evaluate players at every position, and more.

In this final edition of our three-part package, Pro Sports Xchange adds a complete post-draft evaluation on every player picked.

We hope you enjoy this final edition of the 1997 Bill Walsh NFL Draft Insider. It contains an in-depth look at who, how and why each team drafted. This includes an evaluation of every player selected by every team.

Please enjoy.


Frank Cooney


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